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Our mission at Doggie Styles is to provide quality

grooming, exceptional customer service and peace

of mind in a safe, clean and friendly enviroment.

The Ferocious Flea

Fleas are very hardy, blood sucking creatures

that have been around for about one hundred

million years. Fleas can live for a long time without

food, but they must have blood from a host animal

to live and reproduce. Fleas are voracious eaters. A

female flea consumes fifteen times her body weight in blood daily. Once they have a blood meal, the female fleas begin to lay eggs.Twenty five adult

female fleas can produce as many as a quarter of a million fleas in just thirty days!

Fleas are “Bad News”

If your pet gets fleas, it’s not just an annoyance;

it can lead to very serious consequences. Flea bites

are really painful and can cause severe allergic

reactions in pets, leading to intense scratching,

irritated and inflamed skin, flea bite dermatitis, and

secondary skin infections.

In extreme cases your pet could become anemic

from flea bites. Fleas prefer pets, but they will bite humans as well. Fleas have also been responsible

for transmitting tapeworms and the diseases Murine

Typhus and Bubonic Plague, to both pets and


My pet seldom goes outside. How could he get fleas?

Fleas really get around. Fleas cannot fly, but they

can jump 150 times their own length. They can easily hop on your pet - or on you. Fleas and flea

eggs can be brought into your home on your shoes

or clothing. They can even hitch a ride on common items like blankets or beach towels that have come

in contact with the ground.

I can’t see fleas on my pet, but he

is scratching all over.

Even if you don’t see a flea, your pet could be

reacting to flea bites. If you see little dark specks on

your pet that look like pepper, that is flea dirt (feces) and

proves that fleas are present. If you see fleas or evidence

of fleas, act immediately to eliminate them.

How can I get rid of fleas?

To effectively control fleas, you must treat all the pets

in your household and also their indoor and outdoor


Won’t the fleas die when the weather

gets colder?

NO. If you have a flea problem in your home, it will not

go away on it’s own. The temperature of your home is

ideal for flea reproduction year round.

There are so many flea products.

What should I use?

Flea shampoos can be very effective at killing fleas, but

have little residual effect to keep fleas off your pet. Some

are safe enough to be used on puppies and kittens. Flea

combs are very effective at removing fleas off your pet

and can be used on a pet of any age.

There are any number of sprays, collars, powders, and

dips on the market for flea control. Some are made with

all natural ingredients and others may contain powerful

chemical pesticides. Always read and follow the products


Never use anything on puppies, kittens, or

cats, unless it is approved for use on them.

What about homeopathic remedies?

Some homeopathic remedies (like brewers yeast, garlic,

and apple cider vinegar) and herbs are reported to help

control fleas, but often times they produce less than desired results.

For flea control in your home there are flea traps, a

multitude of flea sprays and foggers, and also natural

products like diatomaceous earth or sodium borate.

Aromatic cedar chips in your pets bedding will help repel


These products all have their place in the war on fleas, but don’t just blindly try one after another. Contact “Doggie Styles” and ask our advice on flea control. We are very

knowledgeable and can recommend the best course of

action that will eliminate fleas on your pet and in your home.

With help from the “Doggie Styles” staff, you can break

the flea’s life cycle and keep them from torturing your pet

and possibly transmitting a disease to them or to you.

Conquering the Ferocious Flea.

Attack - Surround - Defeat!

When you are fighting fleas, it is indeed a war. You must

treat everywhere that fleas live and reproduce.

Start by eliminating the fleas on your pet. Ideally, you

can schedule an appointment for your pet with “Doggie Styles” while you, or a professional exterminator, thoroughly de-flea your home, yard, and car.

Wash all of your pet’s bedding in hot, soapy water.

Vacuum your carpets and furniture thoroughly, then seal and throw away the vacuum bag. Steam cleaning your

carpets and upholstery is also helpful in removing biting

fleas and their eggs.

Treat your entire home with flea foggers or a spray

designed for indoor use.

Make sure that they contain ingredients to kill adult fleas

and also an IGR (insect growth regulator) to kill the other

life cycle stages. Follow the directions exactly.

Treat your yard with spray or pelleted insecticide

(also containing insect growth regulator).

When you are finished, your pet and his environment

should be completely free of fleas.