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Our mission at Doggie Styles is to provide quality

grooming, exceptional customer service and peace

of mind in a safe, clean and friendly enviroment.

How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?

The duration of time between professional groomings can vary greatly between dogs of the same breed. Coat condition, hair type, density, and climate are just some of the variables. A lot depends on how much home grooming you are willing to offer to your pet.

Here are some guidelines suggested by Doggie Styles. We can be more specific about your pet. If you don’t brush or comb regularly, choose the earlier time frame.

Afgan 3-6 weeks

Airdale 6 weeks

Bedlington Terrier 4-6 weeks

Bichon Frise 4 -6 weeks

Bouvier 8-10 weeks

Brittany Spaniel 8-12 weeks

Carin Terrier 6-10 weeks

Cocker Spaniel 4-8 weeks

Collie 6 weeks

Dandie Didmont Terrier 6-8 weeks

Golden Retriever 8-12 weeks

Husky 8-12 weeks

Irish Setter 8-10 weeks

Kerry Blue Terrier 4-8 weeks

Lakeland Terrier 6-8 weeks

Lhasa Apso 4-6 weeks

Maltese 4-6 weeks

Old English Sheepdog 4-6 weeks

Pekiingese 6-12 weeks

Pomeranian 8-12 weeks

Poodle 4-6 weeks

Schnauzer – Minature 6-8 weeks

Standard 8 weeks

Giant 10 weeks

Scottish Terrier 6-10 weeks

Shih Tzu 4-6 weeks

Shepherd 8-12 weeks

Silky Terrier 6-8 weeks

Skye Terrier 4-8 weeks

West Highland Terrier 6-8 weeks

Wire Fox Terrier 6 weeks

Yorkshire Terrier 4-6 weeks